Life Academy

Is your desire to grow deeper in the Word of God? Do you want to sharpen your gifts and broaden your ministry? Do you want to be used by God to build the church and extend the kingdom? If your answer is yes – the Life Academy is for you! You will be further empowered to touch people and change lives. This format encourages study of the Bible and learning to live it out in the context of a relational community.

Class Details

September 29, 2020-June 22, 2021

Meeting weekly on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. Classes will meet online via Zoom and weekly class notes will be emailed to participants.

Be prepared for about 2 hours of homework per week.

Cost is $300 and may be paid in three payments of $100 each


  • Overview of the Pentateuch
  • Worship
  • Discovering the Holy Spirit
  • Christian Life and Disciplines
  • Work and Faith
  • Theology of the Church
  • Inductive Study of Ephesians

Course Objectives:

  • To broaden understanding of scripture
  • To further develop a Bible centric theology
  • To encourage growth in spiritual formation and discipleship
  • To encourage growth in the habit of Bible study and cultivate a deeper appreciation for scripture as the guide for both conduct and life

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